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Electricity Pricing

The Ontario government has introduced choice for the price you pay for electricity.  This affects the ‘Electricity Charges’ section of your bill.

You can choose the pricing that best fits your energy use. 

Before deciding on the price option that is best for you, it is helpful to understand the charges on your bill.

Your electricity bill contains 4 main categories:
Electricity: This is the price you pay for the energy that you use.
Delivery: This section includes the costs to deliver the electricity from the generating stations to your home or business. This section includes Halton Hills Hydro’s portion of the bill.
Regulatory: These are the costs associated with administering the wholesale electricity market.
HST: Electricity charges are subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax of 13%.

For more detail on the charges on your bill, see our glossary of terms.

A typical residential electricity bill is broken down as follows.

Regulatory 2% HST 13% Electricity Charges 56% Delivery Transmission 10% Delivery - Haltin Hills Hydro 20%

Time of Use or Tiered pricing affects the ‘Electricity Charges’ portion of your bill only.

Time-of-Use pricing provides the ability to reduce cost by shifting some electricity use to lower cost periods. Under Time-of-Use pricing, the cost varies depending on the time of day or day of the week that electricity is used.

There are three Time-of-Use periods identified:

  • Off-Peak (24 hours a day on weekends and holidays as well as weekday evenings after 7pm): the demand for electricity and the cost is lowest during this time. Ontario households use most of their electricity – nearly two thirds of it – during off-peak hours.
  • Mid-Peak (Weekdays only 11am 5pm in the winter months, morning and early evening in the summer months): Moderate energy demand and price.
  • On-Peak (Weekdays only morning and early evening in winter months, 11am 5pm in summer months): times of the day when energy use and price is the highest.
Ontario electricity time-of-use price periods

Tiered pricing provides the stability of a consistent price for electricity regardless of when it is used. With tiered pricing the cost changes based on how much electricity you use in a month, regardless of time of day or day of the week.

With residential tiered pricing, the first 600 kWh per month in the summer or first 1000 kWh per month in the winter are at a lower rate. Any electricity over that limit is charged at a higher rate. The first tier for small commercial customers is set at 750 kWh year round.

Winter (Nov 1 – April 30) Summer (May 1 – Oct 31) Small Commercial Year Round
Tier 1: 1st 1000 kWh per month Tier 1: 1st 600 kWh per month Tier 1: 1st 750 kWh per month
Tier 2: Remaining kWh per month Tier 2: Remaining kWh per month Tier 2: Remaining kWh per month

The chart below compares the different pricing options.

Pricing Option 1: Time-of-Use Pricing Option 2: Tiered Pricing
Winter Summer Winter Summer
On-Peak: 11am-5pm M-F On-Peak: 7-11am & 5-7pm M-F Tier 1: 1st 1000 kWh per month Tier 1: 1st 600 kWh per month
Mid-Peak: 7-11am & 5-7pm M-F Mid-Peak: 11am-5pm M-F Tier 2: Remaining kWh per month Tier 2: Remaining kWh per month
Off-Peak: 7pm-7am M-F, all day weekends & holidays
For current Time-of-Use and Tiered pricing, visit

We are working on tools to allow you to compare pricing options based on your actual electricity usage. Please check this page for updates.

Until our price calculator is ready, please visit for more information.

You do not have to choose a pricing option. You will be billed Time-of-Use pricing as the default option unless you submit a form to request to change to Tiered pricing. If you have changed pricing option and would like to change back, simply submit a new form.

Note: If you have a contract with an electricity retailer, you will pay their price instead. You cannot choose between Time of Use or Tiered pricing while you have a retailer contract in effect.

Here are some things to consider before you change pricing option.

Your Current Price Plan

Take a look at the electricity line on your bill to see if you are currently paying Time-of-Use or Tiered pricing. If you have a contract with an electricity retailer, you will see their price instead. If you have a contract with an electricity retailer, you are not eligible to change pricing options.

Your Usage

How much electricity do you use in a month? Consider how much electricity would be at the higher tier if you choose Tiered pricing.

Your Consumption Pattern

Most residential customers use nearly two thirds of their electricity at off-peak times – the time when the lowest Time-of-Use price applies. The other third is typically split equally between on and mid-peak times.

Visit our AccountOnline portal. Here you can see your actual daily energy use to understand your consumption pattern.

Consider whether your electricity use patterns have changed due to COVID-19.

Seasonal Changes and Time of Year

Both Time-of-Use price periods and Tier thresholds change with the season. Does the amount of electricity you use change based on the season?

If you’re thinking about switching, you should pay close attention to how much electricity you use in a month, because on Tiered pricing the price is higher for every kWh of electricity that you use above the Tier threshold of 1,000 kWh in the winter or 600 kWh in the summer. For instance, if you heat your home electrically, your monthly use in the winter may be higher. And the same goes for the summer if you need to run your air conditioner.
With TOU prices, the price depends on when you use electricity. Although the TOU price periods also change with the season, the electricity you use after 7 p.m. every day, and all the time on weekends and holidays, is charged at the lowest price under TOU all year round.

Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, some of the same factors mentioned earlier also apply – how much electricity do you use each month, and when do you use it? Keep in mind that the Tier threshold for small business customers is 750 kWh all year round. And not all small businesses are the same. A large restaurant with several ovens running in the evening may have a very different electricity usage pattern than a small salon that’s only open during the day. So may a dry cleaner compared to a convenience store, or a clothing store compared to a bakery.

Residential and small commercial customers have the option of choosing between Time-of-Use and Tiered pricing for the electricity they use.

Under Time-of-Use pricing, the price you pay for electricity depends on when you use it. Under Tiered pricing, you can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price, and once that limit is exceeded, a higher price applies.

Use our form to submit a request to change your pricing option between Time of Use or Tiered pricing.

Within 10 days of submitting a form, you will receive notification letting you know when the new pricing option will start. If your form cannot be processed, we will notify you of the reason.

What do I pay now?

Prior to November 1, 2020, most residential and small commercial customers paid Time-of-Use prices.

Do I pay a fixed price now?

Fixed prices for electricity were in effect from March 24 – October 31, 2020 and January 1 – Feb 22, 2021 due to Covid. Regular prices were in effect outside of those dates.

When do I have to choose?

If you wish to stay on Time-of-Use pricing, you don’t need to do anything. You will automatically remain on Time-of-Use prices.
If you wish to change to Tiered pricing, you can change at any time. There is no deadline.

If I change to Tiered pricing, can I change back to Time-of-Use?

Yes. You can change at any time. Simply submit a new form requesting to switch back to Time-of-Use. The pricing option you choose is not a contract. You may change your pricing option at any time.

How do I change my pricing option?

Simply complete our online form here: or call our office at 519-853-3701.

How will I know when the switch will take effect?

You will receive a letter or e-mail from Halton Hills Hydro notifying you of the effective date of your choice.