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Demarcation Points

In December , 2013, Halton Hills experienced one of the most devastating ice storms we have ever seen. Many of our customers were faced with the challenge of arranging repairs to their equipment before we could reconnect their power. We hope this brochure helps our customers identify the equipment they need to look after repairing and maintaining so that they can be better prepared in the event of future storms.

How electricity gets to our homes isn’t something we often think about. However, to be prepared in case of storm damage, there are a few things you should know about your electricity supply. Should your supply be damaged it is important to know your responsibilities. Halton Hills Hydro owns and maintains the electrical equipment up to a point known as the demarcation point. Beyond that, the equipment is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and repair. This document describes typical demarcation points within Halton Hills.

Residential Demarcation Points