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Tree Trimming & Planting

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario has prepared a guideline for those trimming trees around overhead power lines. The purpose of these guidelines is for the safety of you, the public, and persons maintain the power system and trees.

Planting Under or Around Power Lines & Electrical Equipment

If you are considering trimming trees on your property near power lines, we recommend you review ESA’s guidelines and contact our office as well prior to commencing your work.

Tree Trimming Around Powerlines

Do you have an overhead powerline on your property? In many rural properties, these assets are owned by the property owner. You are legally responsible to maintain the electrical equipment on your property including tree trimming to maintain proper clearances.

The ESA guidelines below provide important safety information about tree trimming around powerlines.

Privately-Owned Powerline Assets

Key Items to Consider before Planting/ Maintaining Trees:

  • Contact Halton Hills Hydro before tree planting, removing, or trimming trees and bushes near power lines, utility poles, or pad mounted equipment. Halton Hills Hydro will provide you with a list of approved trees that can be planted near power lines within our distribution service area. We can also provide you with our clearance requirements for planting in the vicinity of padmounted equipment;
  • ALWAYS GET LOCATES! Contact Ontario One Call (1-800-400-2255), the Region of Halton, the Town of Halton Hills, and all other public utilities to request that their infrastructure in the area of your work zone be located and identified. No excavation work should commence before all locates are received;
  • Check with the Town of Halton Hills and Region of Halton regarding By-Laws and specifications;
  • Select a qualified landscaper or utility arborist to perform planting, removal, and trimming.
  • Where trees are growing into power lines owned by Halton Hills Hydro, we shall perform the trimming and/ or removal of such trees.
  • Know the requirements of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and clearance from power line requirements
  • Review ESA’s guidelines for Tree Planting and Tree Trimming.